Stone Mountain Wine Cellars

Wine, which we have produced in our converted apple ground cellar is added to the fruit and vegetables, that we’ve marketed for many years through our “on the farm” Jersey Acres Roadside Market.

While we produce some Vignoles and Cayuga wine grapes (both white), our primary acreage is planted to the NORTON variety (Vitas Aestivalis, also known by he name,Cynthiana).

Norton is a unique American blue/black grape, which can be finished dry somewhat resembling Cabernet AND it we also use it extensively for blending with other varieties, and also it also works well for blending sweeter wines.

We also ferment and blend some of the old standard American varieties like Concord and Niagra. Additional varietals are also offered such as Jalapeno-Apple, Blackberry, Pear and many more.

Since 1999 we have been growing wine grapes and selling them to other wineries. As the grape production tonage increased, we began investigating the possibility of establishing our own winery. The licensing process was completed in late summer of 2004 and fermentation begun in October of 2004.

Our wine is being offered under our own “STONE MOUNTAIN WINE CELLARS” label. Sales were exclusively at Jersey Acres Roadside Market.
Stone Mountain Wine Cellars is a DBA, 100% owned by Jersey Acres Farms.


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